When you enhance your ability to breathe,
you enhance your ability to live.
PX3's Patented Smart Design
PX3 BioPrint Mouthwear is intuitive, simplistic and designed to perform and endure beyond expectations. 
Digitally precision crafted to the tenth of a millimeter for unequal fit and functionality 
Contoured around each tooth for unobstructed  speaking and breathing
Customized to align & lock opposing teeth 



Three Distinct Features 

PX3 BioPrint Mouthwear is digitally fitted and precision-crafted to capture your unique 3-Dimensional bite position. The result of a properly aligned bite is a noticeable increase in oxygen, strength, endurance, reaction, response, and recovery. 

Specific top and bottom tooth registration position your teeth and lock your jaw creating a greater and higher consistent circulation of oxygen throughout the brain and body. 

Setting the jaw alignment forward effortlessly expands the airway allowing for maximum airflow.  Increaseing the volume of oxygen and using less energy enhances all aspects of respiratory, physiological and neurological performance.

Cutting Edge Digital Fitting Technology 

PX3's revolutionary digital scan, digital design, and 3-D digital print system incorporates the most advanced technology in the world. 

Unparalleled Accuracy, Speed and Quality.

We make people stronger, smarter and safer:




When people are deprived of oxygen performance factors such as vision, judgment, strength, balance, reaction time, response time, and execution skills are significantly impaired.


Through years of extensive human performance research, PX3 Sports Science has discovered that there are infact two types of injuries;  unavoidable and avoidable.


With that, PX3 provides real-time, oxygen-based solutions to reduce the risk of avoidable injuries by enhancing and optimizing human performance factors.






The sleep cycle is when the body repairs broken tissue, regenerates new cells, detoxifies the system and replenishes energy reserves for the upcoming day.


When critical deep sleep phases are being missed, the body simply can't repair or recover in time and starts to systematically break down.  


Snoring, grinding, stress, mild and severe obstructive sleep disorders all deprive the brain of oxygen.


By naturally increasing the volume and flow of oxygen at night, PX3 has developed a unique solution to enhance sleep quality, cell regeneration and detoxification. 





Your ability to breathe directly impacts your ability to think, perform, react, remember, and recover, no matter what activity is or the level of intensity you are doing it at.


Oxygen is the most critical and fundamental component needed to generate energy within the human body.  


BioPrint Mouthwear is designed to be used in real-time, day or night.  


By increasing oxygen uptake, we empower people to do more work with less required energy.  


This is the essence of efficiency, the essence of life, success and survivability. 





PX3 BioPrint Mouthwear

Our Head Offices are located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies at the Canadian Olympic Park.

147 Canada Olympic Road S.W.,

Calgary, AB, T3B-5R5

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